Making Sex Great Again After Childbirth

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The secret of getting a girl to orgasm before delivery is really very simple if you are willing to play your cards right. After women delivery most women tend to forget about their self-esteem and will try and make the sexual experience as fun as possible to try and get the sex over with as quick as possible. What most women don’t realize is that this can be quite damaging for them because it can lead them to do things like fake orgasms to make themselves feel better or even having an impulsive sex session in order to please their partners.

If you want to give your partner an orgasm during intercourse, you need to make her feel special. By special I mean that you need to make sure she is feeling really special and want to have more sex with you after the women’s delivery. By stroking her, kissing her and providing her with some clitoral massages you are setting the scene for her to climax very quickly. You want her to climax hard and fast because that is how you will make her feel when you penetrate her in the second half of the sexual experience.

Also remember that to a women’s delivery the last thing she wants to feel is a man pushing her away. By making her feel wanted she will find it much easier to achieve an orgasm because she will be so close to an orgasm and it will feel so good. Most men will forget this after delivery but if you keep these tips in mind it can be a real help. If you follow these tips of sex after women delivery then it can be a very enjoyable experience for both you and your partner.

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